iPad Installs

LV Avionics is FAA approved to install iPads.

With the FAA’s approval of EFBs (electronic flight bags) and the ensuing proliferation of iPad apps, iPad use in aircraft is growing at an ever-increasing rate never seen before in the emergence of new avionics technologies.  While the ease of use and availability of comprehensive navigation and real-time weather are leading factors, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of just the electronic charts and approach plates make it a no-brainer for most pilots and operators.

The FAA’s Flight Standards Service and Aircraft Certification Service collaborated to issue advisory circular AC-120-76B that contains guidance on the operational use of EFBs.  It is intended for all operators conducting flight operations under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations part 121, 125, 135, or 91 subparts F and K who want to replace required paper information with an EFB.  The AC sets forth an acceptable means, but not the only means, to obtain FAA authorization for the operational use of EFBs.

In general, the AC states that Class 1 Type B and Class 2 EFBs that provide aeronautical charts, approach charts, or an electronic checklist must be appropriately secured and viewable during critical phases of flight and must not interfere with flight control movement or pilot egress.  Additionally, the operator must document EFB non-interference to show operational suitability and compliance with the guidance in AC 91.21-1b when intended for use in all phases of flight.  We encourage you to read this 39-page advisory circular AC-120-76B.  LV Avionics has experience and is FAA approved to install these installations to assure compliance.  

Below is one of our recent dual installations for a Sikorsky S-76 hellicopter: