Meyers 200D

At age 28, Alen Meyer’s third design, the Meyers 200, first flew in 1953, received its type certificate in 1958, and production began in 1959 with the model 200A.  The airplane is best known for its clean lines, sturdy airframe, and exceptional speed.  The tubular 4130 chrome-moly steel truss structure and aluminum skin make it one of the strongest airframes in general aviation and the clean lines and 285 HP Continental engine produce cruise speeds approaching 200 kts.

Below is a summary of the variants along with their major upgrades:

  • 200   – 1953:           prototype with 225 HP carbureted IO-470-M
  • 200A – 1959-1960: production model w/ fuel-injected 260 HP IO-470-D
  • 200B – 1961-1962: improved instrument panel
  • 200C – 1963-1964: raised roof, larger windshield, plusher interior
  • 200D – 1965-1967: upgraded to 285 HP fuel-injected IO-520-A and flush riveted wings
The owner of this 1966 200D has spared no expense with upgrades to the panel by LV Avionics, including Garmin’s G500 MFD/PFD, GTN 750 and GTN 650, along with L3’s ESI 500 standby indicator, JPI’s EDM 930, and, in fact, a new panel.

If that’s not enough, the owner just traveled cross-country to upgrade the engine from the 285 HP IO-520-A to the 300 HP IO-550.  Stay tuned…