LV Avionics, located at Lehigh Valley International Airport (KABE) in Allentown, PA, provides a full range of avionics services. We pride ourselves in the quality, both in front and behind the panel, of our professional installations. And if you’re in the need for repairs on your existing avionics, we can test and repair most equipment on premises saving you valuable downtime, expense, and inconvenience.

Summary of services:

  • Avionics installations (all popular brands)
  • iPad installations
  • Equip bench-testing, diagnostics, repair
  • Autopilot installation & diagnostics
  • 24 Month IFR certifications & RVSM checks
  • Navigation calibrations
  • 406 ELT installations
  • Aircraft weighing & balancing
  • Custom instrument panels
  • Silk screening (panel labeling)
  • New & used equipment for sale

Authorized Dealer for:


Aspen Avionics
Century Flight Systems
EMS Sky Connect
Freeflight Systems
Genesis Aerosystems (S-TEC)
PS Engineering
Rockwell Collins

While we are proud to represent the line-up of what we believe are the superior avionics companies in their class, we are honored to have received Garmin’s Bronze Awards for “Achievement for outstanding service, support, and sales of Garmin avionics products in 2007, 2010, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and Garmin’s Silver Award for 2021.”


  • LV Avionics was recently honored with Garmin’s 2021 Silver Award!
  • Avionics Apprentice – Job opening for early career avionics apprentice.  Great opportunity to get exposure to a wide variety of  aircraft, installs, diagnostics, and repairs.  Contact Michael Ionata.